As many Floating cups' ideas as many Scrapbookers. So, below are 3 ideas from Lia :)
First is in the shades of blue and yellow, like Swedish flag :) Look at the list below to see which products you can use.

blue cup 2

Blue Cup

blue cup 3

Floating Cup in the shades of red and grey. Unusual, slightly masculine combination of colours. You can use white cup to make this composition lighter.

grey cup

grey cup 2

grey cup 3

Floating Cup in the shades of pink and violett. A golden saucer and a cup with floral pattern bring to mind Gustav Klimt's paintings.
It looks amazing, isn't it? Sure such decoration will surprise your guests and is easy to make :) 
Watch the video below.

pink cup 1

pink cup 2

pink cup 3

pink cup 4

And here is the step by step tutorial. So now we are waiting for your Floating Cups! :)