Lovely Anniversary Card

Lovely Anniversary Card
We would like to present to you charming and delicate anniversary card prepared by Agnieszka Cebula. 

The card was projected with a use of card base, mulberry paper flowers, ribbons, pearls and crown pins from our WOC shop. 

To create an elegant and at the same time delicate composition you need to use flowers in matching colours. They don’t need to be the same kind. It is also good if they are different sizes. As you can see on this project here were used different type of roses – open roses and rose buds and sweetheart blossom flowers. They look like natural ones, so the project has also an organic look. 

Many of additional embellishments that can add an amazing look to your card you can find here. 

You can see in this project also butterflies that were cut out from scrapbooking paper with this design. They give an effect of lightness to the card and the spirit of spring, which is associated with love. To have this kind of effect you can also use dies to cut out various shapes from different styles of papers. Then you can decorate the card depending on your preferences. 

For the final touch same as in this project you can use pearls and laces, so everything is pleasing for the eye. 

To add a 3D effect to your card same as here, you can use 3D foam cubes.

The presented anniversary card is very stylish and effective. It’s classy and delightful. In this very delicate colours it could also be a wedding or birthday card.   

You also  can create a beautiful card for every occasion and make your loved ones very happy. 

It can be simple one or more effective, it all depends on of your creativity.
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