The idea behind this project was that I wanted to create a centerpiece for a wedding that could be used more than one way.
It can decorate a candle or surround a jar of flowers. You could also place a bowl with candies inside.
I wanted this to be a keepsake that would continue to be used once the wedding was over.


To create the floral ring, I took heavy duty wire, around 20 gauge, and formed it into a ring. I then wrapped floral tape around the entire ring so that I would have a surface to adhere the flowers and leaves. It could be made in several colors, but I chose a selection of flowers in purple and lilac that would be pretty in the Spring.


I hot-glued the flowers one at a time on the ring. After the glue dried, I wrapped the remainder of the stem around the wire ring for added stability. I continued with this process until the ring was full. Then I went back and added in stamens, pearl sprays and leaves to fill in any gaps so that no holes were visible.

decor 3

decor 4

I found an old jar to use for a vase and painted it white. After it dried, I sanded it down so the letters were visible. I then sorted through more purple and lilac flowers and started gathering them to make a pretty bouquet to add to the jar. I tied them together with wire and added them to the jar. It’s now ready to decorate the table at a Spring wedding!

decor 1